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The box includes one original Stitchonomy enamel Needle Minder, one original Stitchonomy birchwood thread organizer , a PVC sticker, 14ct Rustico fabric, mystery charms and surprise goodies (not pictured).

Hard enamel, gold coloured metal¬†Needle Minder book that reads: “All Hallows’ Eve” surrounded by an assortment of stitch accessories. Contains four different enamel colors (dark red, bright red, white and black) and two strong magnets.

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Birchwood thread organizer in the shape of a bat with 16 holes designed in such a way that one whole can accommodate two colors making room for up to 24 different colors! Numbers are engraved so you can re-use the threader with all your projects!

Sun-resistant PVC sticker in the style of an admission ticket that reads “I stitched A Storybook Halloween Stitch Along” with the date of Halloween.¬†

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