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Fully compatible with previous SALs

Each year the size of the squares are the same! This means you can mix and match between years and frames.

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How does it Work?

Join for FREE

ALL Stitchonomy SALs are FREE to join! There are no extra costs – all you need to do is sign up via the sign up link before the start of the SAL. If you want to support my work as well as receive extra benefits you can always join The Pattern Club.

Multiple Stitch Alongs a year

Check out the Current and Upcoming SAL pages to see which ones you can still join! All previous SALs can be found on the Previous SALs page.

Active Community

Join our Stitch Along community of over 10.000+ stitchers on Facebook. Show your progress, ask for help and get new ideas on how to get creative with your project! It's also a place to just chat about cross stitch and to exchange tips!

What is a Stitch Along?

A Stitch Along is a mystery cross stitch pattern of which parts of the pattern are released one at a time. Sometimes patterns are released daily, sometimes weekly or monthly.

Together with stitchers from all over the world you will receive the pattern, stitch it up and, if you want, share your progress.

At the end of the SAL everyone will have stitched the same pattern together – but there is plenty of room for creativity and almost all projects come out truly unique!

Why a Stitch Along?

While stitching for most of us is quiet, relaxing, me-time it can sometimes feel lonely. Not being able to show off your work to people who are as enthusiastic about it as you are can really put a damper on a finished project. This year, after the success of the Drawlloween SAL, I realised that stitching is just more fun when you do it together!

While stitching up a normal pattern is usually a solitary activity, a SAL offers a communal way of stitching. Sharing your progress along the way, making changes, helping and inspiring each other while we work on one project. This way, one project transforms into hundreds or even thousands of unique projects.

Previous Stitch Alongs

Stitchonomy has been creating Stitch Alongs since 2018 and we have made a lot of different patterns over the years! Below you can find and purchase all the previous SALs.

If you scrol down you will find a selection of unique projects stitched by our participants during and after the Stitch Along!

Hi there stitcher!


My name is Alyssa and I am the designer at and owner of Stitchonomy. 

Cross stitch design has been my passion and full time job for 5 years and I love sharing it with the world! I have designed for all major cross stitch magazines.

Besides running the Webshop and The Pattern Club, I host several popular Stitch Alongs every year. It offers a way to connect with other stitchers and stitch a project together!

Because Stitching Together is Better!

Be the first to know when a new Stitch Along is announced:

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What our Stitchers say

I absolutely love Stitchonomy’s SALs! My sister was showing my her Halloween SAL, so I joined the group and signed up to do the Snowflake SAL! Alyssa is so generous to offer these for free, and for a low price if you miss the sign up date. She responds very quickly and will help you with anything you need. I can’t wait to do these for as long as she continues!! ❤️
Erin B. Wisconsin, USA

Pattern Club Exclusives

Stitch alongs are only available in The Pattern Club in the month(s) they are active. This means that any retired or previous Stitch Alongs can be purchased exclusively via Stitchonomy.


Alyssa Westhoek

Pattern Club

Sara - Wisconsin

Pattern Club

Grace - Kentucky

Supply Kits

If you don’t have a huge DMC floss stash – don’t worry! For each Stitch Along we provide full kits! These kits are only available for a limited time before we start so get them while they last. Prices vary per SAL.

Supply kits contain:

DMC floss cut to size and pre-sorted;

100% cotton Fabric 14ct Aida;

An embroidery needle;

A special surprise like a bead or special charm!

Pattern not included but e-mailed in parts during the SAL

Get Creative

I’ve designed the SAL patterns with you – the creative stitcher – in mind. Every pattern has plenty of creative space to make the project uniquely your own. There will be opportunities to:

Change parts of the color scheme;

Use (hand) dyed fabrics;

Add specialty stitches like French Knots or Back Stitch;

Add beads or other trinkets;

Or anything else you can come up with!

All supply packs will include a special bead or charm that goes with the SAL. All Pattern Club Members will receive alternative patterns or specialty stitch tutorials to level up their finished project!

Sharing is Caring

Stitching together is so much more fun than stitching alone!

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Every SAL will come with its own Hashtag like #drawlloweensal2019 #wintersal2019 #homelyhouseplantsal but we will also be using the overarching hashtag


so be sure to use it when you share your progress so I can see all the amazing projects being stitched!